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COTI Price Prediction 2022-2031: | Cryptopolitan

COTI Price Prediction 2023-2031

Every crypto project in the market has a specific property that makes it stand out. Cryptocurrencies were created as a secure network that expands the current file-sharing technology in the crypto world. But the essential fabric of all crypto networks is PERSISTENCE. Without it, any startup is doomed to fail!

Despite the volatility of the crypto market, many investors have become increasingly interested in digital assets due to their profitability. Nonetheless, one crypto project making waves in the market today is COTI. See how the network has persisted up to this point:

If you are considering investing in COTI but are unsure about its fundamentals and price prediction in the future, then you are in the right place. This COTI price prediction guide will help you make the right investment decision.

How much is COTI worth?

Today’s COTI price is $0.054817 with a 24-hour trading volume of $4,363,129. COTI is down 3.53% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #267, with a live market cap of $60,772,110. It has a circulating supply of 1,108,643,952 COTI coins and a max. supply of 2,000,000,000 COTI coins.

What Is COTI?

In the era of digitalization, fiat currencies have remained obsolete. Now, it is cheaper and easier to pay for goods and services than using banks, PayPal, Alipay, and the like. COTI is a fully encompassing “finance on the blockchain” ecosystem built on DAG (Direct Acyclic Graph) technology. Not only that the platform has the DAG technology, but COTI Protocol also has a proof-of-trust consensus algorithm, multiDAG, GTS (Global Trust System), a universal payment solution, and a payment gateway.

The platform was designed to meet the challenges of traditional finance. In addition, COTI describes itself as the first enterprise-grade fintech platform that empowers organizations to build their own payment solution and digitize any currency to save time and money.

The platform’s first utility application is COTI Pay, which enables consumers to pay merchants with ERC-20 tokens in exchange for merchandise offered on e-commerce sites.

How Does COTI Work?

Many blockchain technologies have tried tackling high transaction speeds, but no significant progress has been made. Another big issue in the crypto market is the lack of trust among parties involved in a crypto transaction, leading to unwanted chargebacks and cancellations. Again, merchants are categorized as either risky or less-risky due to their partnerships with many industries. These are what COTI aims to solve. The protocol offers seven essential elements for a perfect payment infrastructure:


COTI processes more than 100,000 TPS, compared to 25,000 TPS in traditional payment systems and up to 20 TPS in standard blockchain protocols. This is due to its DAG technology, which allows faster transactions.


The lack of simplicity is one issue in the crypto space that has affected its mass adoption. COTI Protocol has a user and merchant-facing tool which is easy to use.

Buyer-seller protections

COTI has a dispute resolution system to protect users against fraud, errors, and counterparty abuse. COTI Protocol claims its resolution system is the first ever in the crypto space.


COTI reduces costs and energy consumption by removing intermediaries and costly mining.

Price stability

Another big problem that has also affected crypto adoption is price stability. COTI Protocol is creating price stability technology, which is essential for blockchain payments.


A single point of failure is one of the main threats to a blockchain system. However, COTI’s distributed ledger aims to increase the platform’s security.


COTI aims at instant P2P transaction payments, which is what its underlying technology tries to solve. The platform’s technology makes remittances instant without any delay.

COTI’s base layer protocol, called acyclic graph-based ledger, helps solve these challenges. We know that Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others have an advantage because these were the first cryptocurrencies. Still, they have low transaction throughput. First movers, such as Bitcoin, work on a Proof-of-Work mechanism, making mining costs unbearable. Again, factors such as dispute resolution and price stability technology are almost nonexistent in the crypto space. This implies that such cryptocurrencies are difficult to manage, making mass adoption for users unachievable.

COTI (Currency of The Internet) is a new crypto protocol aiming to achieve high transaction throughput and lower transaction fees. As stated earlier, COTI uses the DAG technology — instead of the conventional blockchain. DAG-based cryptocurrencies have low transactional fees.

COTI also uses a new metric known as the Trust Score. This is assigned to every user on its protocol based on their historical behavior. The metric also manages the approval of users’ transactions within the ecosystem.

Who Are The Founders Of COTI?

Samuel Falkon and David Assaraf founded COTI Protocol to help create a secure, scalable, and instant payment system that would support fiat and crypto payments. It is essential to know that Falkon’s core occupation — before he co-founded COTI—was based on business dealings for on-based diagnostics devices for the European automotive industry. The COTI Group was launched in March 2017.

What Makes COTI Unique?

Several things make COTI unique. The first is its platform, which allows organizations to create advanced fintech products to save time, data, and money. Its utility application – COTI Pay – can process any kind of transaction.

How To Buy COTI

It is essential to know that you buy COTI at any cryptocurrency exchange. However, these exchanges include Binance, BingX, Bybit, ZB.COM, and Bitget.

COTI Price History

COTI Price Prediction 2023-2031: Can COTI Reach $1 Soon? 1

COTI started trading in the crypto market in 2019 at $0.088. However, the coin traded steadily at that price range, hovering around $0.088 and $0.01 till March 28th, 2021, when it surged to $0.45. By September 2021, the coin reached an all-time high of $0.65, but COTI decreased to $0.37 by December 2021. The crypto market has been hit by the bears, which have affected almost every cryptocurrency. At the time of writing, COTI is trading at $0.103.

Currently, Coti is trading below its 200-day simple moving average (SMA). Since November 04, 2022, the 200-day SMA has been indicating SELL. Coti’s price is currently below the 50-day simple moving average, and this indicator has been signaling SELL for the last 52 days, since November 07, 2022. The most recent Bitcoin Death Cross occurred 345 days ago, on January 18, 2022. Meanwhile, the last Golden Cross occurred 469 days ago on September 16, 2021.

According to our technical indicators, Coti’s 200-day SMA will fall during the next month and hit $ 0.087983 by January 28, 2023. Coti’s 50-Day SMA is expected to reach $ 0.056471 by January 28, 2023. The momentum oscillator Relative Strength Index (RSI) is a prominent indicator that indicates if a cryptocurrency is oversold (below 30) or overbought (above 30). (above 70). The RSI number is currently 32.25, indicating that the COTI market is in a neutral state.

COTI Price Prediction 2023-2031: Can COTI Reach $1 Soon? 2

COTI Price Prediction by Cryptopolitan

COTI Price Prediction 2023-2031: Can COTI Reach $1 Soon? 3
COTI Price Prediction 2023-2031: Can COTI Reach $1 Soon? 4

COTI Price Prediction 2023

The price of COTI is expected to be a minimum price of $0.088 in 2023. According to our findings, the COTI price might reach a maximum price of $0.10, with an average forecast price of $0.091.

COTI Price Prediction 2024

According to our in-depth technical analysis of COTI price history, the price of COTI in 2024 is expected to be a minimum price of $0.12. COTI has a maximum price of $0.15 and an average trading value of $0.13 in USD.

COTI Price Prediction 2025

According to the projection and technical analysis, the price of COTI is anticipated to reach a minimum price of $0.18 in 2025. COTI has a maximum price value of $0.22 and an average price value of $0.19.

COTI Price Prediction 2026

In 2026, the price of COTI is expected to be a minimum of $0.26. Throughout 2026, the COTI price might reach a maximum of $0.31 with an average trading price of $0.27.

COTI Price Prediction 2027

COTI is expected to trade at a minimum price of $0.38 per share in 2027. Throughout 2027, the COTI price might reach a maximum price of $0.46 with an average trading price of $0.39.

COTI Price Prediction 2028

In 2028, the price of one COTI is predicted to be a minimum price of $0.55. Throughout 2028, the COTI price can reach a maximum price of $0.66 with an average price of $0.56.

COTI Price Prediction 2029

According to our in-depth technical analysis of past COTI price data, the price of COTI is expected to reach a minimum price of $0.80 in 2029. With an average trading price of $0.82, the COTI price can reach a maximum price of $0.96.

COTI Price Prediction 2030

COTI prices are expected to be a minimum price of $1.15 in 2030. According to our results, the COTI price might reach a maximum price of $1.37, with an average expected price of $1.19.

COTI Price Prediction 2031

According to the forecast price and technical analysis, the price of COTI is expected to reach a minimum price of $1.67 in 2031. With an average selling price of $1.72, the COTI price can reach a maximum price of $2.03.

COTI Price Prediction by Wallet Investor

COTI and perhaps its market environment have been in a bearish cycle during the previous 12 months, according to current statistics. WalletInvestor predicts a downward trend in the future and that COTI is not a viable investment for making money. We propose looking into other ventures to develop a portfolio instead because this virtual currency has a bad outlook. Trading in downturn markets is always more difficult, so if you are a novice, you should be careful with trading this currency. If you are new to investing, always study the best investment strategies.

COTI Price Prediction by Coincodex

According to Coincodex current COTI price forecast, the value of COTI will fall by -0.19% and reach $ 0.056658 on January 4, 2023. Technical indicators indicate that the current sentiment is bearish, with the Fear & Greed Index reading 28(Fear). COTI had 12/30 (40%) green days with 10.14% price volatility in the previous 30 days. According to the Coti forecast, now is not a good time to buy COTI.

Comparing COTI to other significant technological advancements and trends is one method of projecting where the COTI price may go in the long run. In the best-case scenario, COTI’s price projection for 2025 is $ 1.257937 assuming it grows at the same rate as Facebook. If COTI follows Internet growth, the projection for 2025 is $ 0.247957.

COTI Price Prediction by DigitalCoinPrice

According to DigitalCoinPrice current COTI price forecast, the value of COTI will rise by 241.05% by the end of 2024, reaching $0.21. All technical indicators point to a bearish current attitude, with the Fear & Greed Index reading 50.71, indicating significant fear. According to DigitalCoinPrice COTI forecast, trading COTI right now is risky.

On December 29, 2022, practically all technical analysis indicators indicated a bullish signal, while others indicated a negative signal, indicating a widespread bearish mood among COTI price projections.

COTI has dropped by -23.31% in the previous 30 days. As a result, a minor recovery in the approaching month is expected. COTI’s value had climbed by 21.50% by the end of December, and it was trading near $0.0690. All indicators are currently in the Bearish zone, and the fear & greed index shows 50.71 strong fears.

COTI Price Prediction by Industry Influencers

There’s a tip to expect $1 in 2023. But do not invest beyond what you can afford to lose!
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COTI’s value is likely to improve further as scarcity encourages price increases. Please keep in mind that any investment involves some risk. However,  ensure you do your own research before investing in any coin. Nevertheless,  COTI’s future is heavily reliant on the general performance of the crypto industry.

In its recently released roadmap for 2022, COTI outlines ambitions for network improvements and a new token standard. However, it’s crucial to conduct your own in-depth study. The market is quite unpredictable, and historical performance is not a good predictor of how an investment will perform in the future.

When it comes to investing in COTI, you must ensure that you are employing the proper strategy. This investment is not appropriate for those with an asymmetric risk profile. However, it remains a fantastic investment for people with a high-risk tolerance and a stable financial situation. COTI, in addition to its speculative nature, provides exposure to worldwide technology and an ever-expanding ecosystem.

Price forecasts’ broad view for COTI’s price is that it will increase during the coming ten years. However, never spend more than you can afford to lose because predictions are not always accurate.



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