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LaTocha Scott of Xscape Faces Backlash After Sister Accuses Her of Stealing Her Royalty Payments

LaTocha Scott is under fire after her sister, Tamika Scott, made some shocking allegations on their new Bravo reality series SWV & Xscape: The Queens of R&B.

The drama between the Xscape group members has plagued the R&B quartet for decades. While Tocha has often been at the center of the drama, she typically has had the support of her sister Tamika.

But all that has changed on the new show. The Bravo reality series follows Xscape and SWV’s work to try and organize a multi-city tour, after seeing the success of their Verzuz battle.

The only issue is, Tocha isn’t willing to work with a group that has so much bad blood. The main person she appears to have issues with this time around is her own blood sister, Tamika.

When their mother attempted to bring her two daughters together for a family meeting, Tamika became upset and revealed the stealing she claims Tocha and her husband Rocky did behind her back. According to Tamika, Tocha and Rocky were receiving her royalty checks and cashing them into Rocky’s bank account without her knowledge.

To make matters worse, Tamika has resentment toward their mother for seemingly always protecting Tocha and taking her side. When Tamika made the shocking claims on the show, their mother told the camera crew to leave her house.

In addition to the family drama being aired out, the show also revealed Tocha’s plans to work on a solo project, without her group members’ knowledge and approval. She also appeared visibly bothered whenever she was put in a group setting with the other Xscape members.

In the wake of the show’s first two episodes, fans have been sounding off and bashing Tocha in the process. She posted a solo photo on Sunday with a caption that appeared to be in response to all the issues she’s facing with her group members.

“There are so many forces against me, but the one who is with me is much greater,” she captioned her post.

But she failed to limit her comments, and fans were quick to call out Tocha for her behavior on the show.

“Lmaooo girl just give tamika her 30k 😂,” one fan wrote.

“No one is against you but right is right and wrong is wrong you was talking about kandi on xscape still kickin it and look what you doing,” another added.

The shade only got worse over on Twitter.

“latocha gets on my NERVES !! you had all this time in between to chase that solo career you wanted so bad. but you wait until the group is working on something to attempt your solo career AGAIN?” one user claimed.

Only two episodes in and LaTocha has already managed to become the villain. Only time will tell if the fans’ view of the group’s lead singer will change.



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